Life is a circle. Like a rabbit when you scare it up hunting. Next time it comes around, shoot it. Unless you’re hunting something else.
But then, life is the circle, not the rabbit, so if you shoot the rabbit, you just killed a rabbit. Of course, if you don’t know about rabbits and their circling habit, you may chase after the rabbit, and end up running through the woods chasing something you will never catch. Wearing boots and heavy clothing, carrying a loaded shotgun.

That doesn’t usually end up well. For you.

You might think that rabbit had a better idea about life than yourself, since he seemed to know he was running in a circle, but the truth is, he was trying to get as far away from you as possible, and he was running as hard as he can to do it, but he just ended up right back where he started. He wanted to go straight.
Instead he ran back to danger.  Got shot. Or, if you don’t know about rabbits, he ended up back in his bush, sitting quietly, listening to you stumble and shoot a tree by accident. Or yourself. Or your hunting partner.

Rabbits are either very clever, or inherently dangerous, or neither. I guess it depends on what you are doing and how you react when you see the rabbit. If you are carrying a loaded gun, and in a place where you might scare up a rabbit, whether you are looking for a rabbit or not, it would be wise to either educate yourself about rabbits, or whatever else you might scare up, or learn to control your actions, even when you see something you don’t expect or know nothing about.

Now maybe the rabbit would have been better off just chilling until you passed by, or walking quietly away, watching where he went, so that he actually did put distance between himself and your gun. Or not. Maybe rabbits just do what rabbits do, and it’s up to you to control the outcome.

If the rabbit ran straight he would have passed quickly into unfamiliar territory, maybe even out of the woods or field where he had spent all his time. He would have had to find new places to get food, and to sleep. Would have had to get familiar with new noises, and what they meant, before one of the things making those noises decided to kill him before he knew what it was.
Maybe then he should have been quieter in his circling, moving away while you passed, and back when you were gone, instead of bolting loudly and fast, on a dead panicked run. Nothing seems to work out when you take off in a dead panicked run. This, at least, is true for rabbits and humans alike.

But the rabbit doesn’t know if you know about rabbits, and whether you are hunting rabbits or not.

In LA, every other night they have a car chase on the news. Some person being chased by the police and trying to flee. They drive recklessly and fast, the police have radios and helicopters.
Sometimes it’s tight, sometimes very wide, but they always drive in a circle. And they know, for sure, that the police know about criminals.

The rabbit is more correct in his assumption that the chase is life or death. The fleeing human only makes it that way through their own actions. Or has made it that way through their own actions. The rabbit was just trying to sleep, or nibble on something, or take a dump. The human did something that made it necessary to catch him and stop him. A quiet dump wouldn’t have done it. Unless it was a quiet dump out the driver’s side window in the middle of the freeway.

The rabbit equivalent of that would take one bold fucking rabbit. Probably one with a completely out-sized IQ, and, exhibiting that kind of boldness, possibly insane. I mean, what kind of human-smart rabbit would engage in the rabbit equivalent of a human taking a dump out the driver’s side window on the freeway? No, a rabbit that smart would probably just find a way to avoid hunters completely. Therefore, they may be out there, we just haven’t seen them.

Unless Jimmy Carter beat it death with an oar. (look it up) That rabbit probably was just trying to figure out if rabbits could swim, and when he found out they couldn’t, he was unlucky enough to ask a Democratic president to help him save himself from drowning. I name that oar “higher taxes”.

But, as usual, I digress.

There are many lessons here in this attempted corollary. If you spot them all, and truly learn them, you will be safer, more content, more hygienic, and will probably lead a longer, more fulfilling life.